16 Best Tools To Use For Content Marketing in 2021

The Drum[1] estimated that the content marketing industry is projected to grow with an annual growth rate of 16%. The Content Marketing industry has grown so much in the last five years primarily due to three key factors: building brand awareness, lower cost than traditional advertising, and an increased conversion rate. It will catapult the industry with an incremental growth of 217 billion dollars. Since the effectiveness of conventional marketing styles is on a decline, companies are readily adopting the latest marketing trends for attracting the audience. Content Marketing provides enormous value to the brand that they cannot get from other types of marketing. Content marketing cost is 62% less[2] than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads. Content marketing is crucial for your product and vital to using your product’s right content marketing tools. It would help if you mastered the right content marketing tools for accomplishing a successful marketing campaign.

Hubspot is one of the essential content marketing tools for inbound marketing. It provides an all in one suite for content marketers from sales to CRM. Hubspot helps in creating actionable content to drive sales and generate leads. It enables content marketers in content optimization and analyzes your marketing strategy to give feedback on your content.

WordPress is another tool that is easy to use and most prominently used for blogging. WordPress allows marketers to create blog content easily. It also allows marketers to use publishing platforms for content creation, uploading content, and visitor tracking.

Citispotter’s AI-based Content Assistant offers a new and unique approach to content marketing. Marketing your content online requires an acute understanding of the emotional tone of your content. This tool allows you to do that. Understanding what emotions your content is reflecting can help you connect to your audience and their emotions better. Citispotter’s AI tool uses seven primary emotions to identify how much each emotion is present in your content. It will help you in devising a marketing strategy accordingly and establish the customer’s emotional nerve. It also provides you with a tonal analysis of your content. You can quickly figure out how much positive or negative tone your content reflects and even highlights the sentences associated with sentiments and emotions. It is a fantastic feature; you could not find anything like this anywhere else in the market.

Google provides various tools for content marketing ranging from Google Analytics to Keyword Planner. Google Analytics gives you an in-depth understanding of your customers and gives you free tools to analyze data for your business in one place.

Slack is another content marketing tool for workplace collaboration and communication. Slack helps users to connect with people from anywhere in the world and share ideas. Slack also integrates other software like DropBox and Google Docs for easy content sharing.

Asana allows users to work together on a single platform where they can share projects, monitor the activities of everyone in the team and makes it easy for individuals to assign tasks. It provides the option to organize tasks by priority.

Trello is a visual collaboration and project management content marketing tool. Trello allows you to collaborate, manage projects and reach new productivity peaks, all in a new fun way.

Yoast is an SEO focused WordPress plugin that allows users to optimise keywords, preview and edit meta-descriptions and URL slugs, abstract away technical SEO tasks, and suggest relevant internal links.

Buzzsumo is a multipurpose content marketing research tool that can help users analyze what content works best for any topic or competitor. It also provides you with data-driven metrics like social shares, backlinks and which people share which piece of your content.

Ahrefs is another SEO focused tool that is great for tracking rankings of your keywords to analyzing the keywords of your traffic. Ahrefs has multipurpose features from basics to advanced tools in digital marketing. It also has tools such as keyword research, site analyzer and content gap, a place where you can see where your content lacks.

● For content email marketing, MailChimp has been a helpful tool. It is a marketing automation platform that allows users to create, send and analyze their marketing campaigns.

Digimind is an online social media analytics platform that allows users to have business conversations related to their brand or product and provide insights into data to optimize marketing strategy. It also has a customizable dashboard that helps in monitoring the performance of your content across unlimited social media channels.

Vidyard is a video content marketing tool that helps you host, share, and promote video content on your website. They offer sales solutions as well as help in robust A/B testing. It also allows you in creating personalized videos so that you can gate videos at a particular time length and capture leads.

Parse.ly is another content analytics platform that helps you understand which content has the most impact on your business. It gives you graphs and charts on your content analytics and key insights so that you can make data-driven decisions for your marketing campaign. To create engaging content for your audience, it is also essential to test your content.

Ceros is a cloud-based design platform that allows marketers and designers to create immersive content without writing a single line of code. It is a tool that can transform and liberate your digital presence across all touchpoints, and a team of experts backs it up. Ceros helps you in an experiential content creation platform that helps in creating highly engaging and interactive content for your audience.

Uberflip is another content experience platform that helps create tailored content for every stage of the buyer journey. Uberflip is an easy-to-use platform that allows you quickly create personalized destinations that surface the most relevant content and messaging based on campaign, audience and intent data. It helps you know which content and campaigns attached to every channel are working so your marketing team can confidently optimize performance. It also allows you in building personalized content in minutes. Uberflip has quick and easy to publish campaign destinations with personalized branding and content designed to engage and convert.

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